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Top Games that tried to outrun GTA but failed miserably

GTA is already a monument.
Grand Theft Auto is a monument to the success of the game village, not only in its genre, but with all other game genres, it is rare for games to be successful and still maintain their performance, years by years like GTA.

There were game studios trying to imitate, adding some changes such as a mix of arcade-style driving, various gunfighting forms, free-to-explore and naughty players in a large map. … But almost no one has succeeded enough to surpass GTA, because the winning formula that Rockstar was the first to find and they did so well. The following games have tried to eliminate the monopoly of GTA, but they all stumble.

Ride to Hell: Retribution

When Deep Silver announced the game in 2008, Ride to Hell is a game similar to Grand Theft Auto in the 1960s. You will serve as a member of the Hells Angels motorbike gang, operating in the western United States, defeat other gangs to become tycoons.

Five years later, Ride to Hell: Retribution appeared, with some changes coming from Deep Silver and Eutechnyx, bringing with it a great ambition to succeed. But unfortunately, Ride To Hell: Retribution is judged to have a messy story and eye-catching graphics, the game becoming one of the worst game products ever created.

Ride to Hell: Retribution is underestimated by errors such as in-game spelling mistakes, gameplay malfunctions. Ride to Hell: Retribution is an impressive point that every time a player completes a mission, a hot girl will give the reward with sex, but the characters never take off their clothes. , making Ride to Hell both incredibly sexual and unintentionally fun. Overall Ride to Hell is a failed product, you can search for some videos about this game on youtube to feel.

APB: All Points Bulletin

APB: All Points Bulletin sounds interesting in theory, with content directed by David Jones, who created Grand Theft Auto, the top product of the director’s career.

APB lets players roam around the fictional San Paro urban area, as a member of the Enforcer or Crime, and face each other in missions, winning to get money to buy weapons New gas and other items. But after debuting for a while, APB began to receive more and more bad reviews from players and critics. They complain that APB has too many errors, bad driving and shooting systems, San Paro’s neighborhoods are always the same in a boring way.

Just a few months after APB’s launch, Realtime Worlds developer stopped working, along with APB’s online servers. Finally, the Korean game company K2 Network bought APB’s license and relaunched it as a free game, but gamers were still indifferent to APB.

Currently, APB’s relaunch is still active, but developers probably no longer pay attention to it. APB is now full of fraudsters, enthusiastic players must also call it trash. In 2018, APB was sold to Little Orbit publisher, hoping the game company will revive this game with future changes.T

True Crime: New York City

When released in 2003, True Crime: Streets of LA is considered an open world game that will bring challenges to GTA. True Crime is like a copy of GTA made for players who like the righteous side. Instead of playing as a bad guy, True Crime lets you be a police officer. It has a branching plot and will change when you succeed or fail to do the task. True Crime did not take place in a fictional city like GTA, it is set in Los Angeles, and carries Hollywood stars like Christopher Walken, Gary Oldman, Michelle Rodriquez and Michael Madsen into the game.

The first part of True Crime was relatively successful, and the studio decided to release the second True Crime: New York City. However, this part 2 immediately after the launch has encountered some problems. True Crime: New York City did not come up with a new idea, and it did not even implement the old ideas of Part 1. By 2005, the game was judged obsolete with the missing content. Go attractive and outdated gameplay.

True Crime: New York City only sold 72,000 copies, less than a third of the True Crime: Streets of LA, the idea of ​​a game series capable of defeating GTA failed because of the rush of managing game company . Activision tried to revive the brand in 2009 but eventually sold True Crime: Hong Kong to Square Enix, the company released it under a different name without mentioning True Crime.

Gangsta Auto Thief

When you want to play Grand Theft Auto on your mobile device, go to the store on IOS and will find Grand Theft Auto 3, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, All can be downloaded to play. But you want to find something new, pull down and you’ll find Gangsta Auto Thief.

There is a little mischief of the publisher when it comes to games like that, with a glimpse of the content you might mistake this is a product of the GTA series. But that’s GTA, not GTA.

Don’t be fooled. Gangsta Auto Thief (full name: Gangsta Auto Thief: Gang.sta City Hustle Reckless) is not a Grand Theft Auto game. It’s not even an open world crime game, it’s a knock-off driving game based on Rockstar’s hit product.