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Top 6 MOBA games in medieval

For gamers who like to take the time to plan how to build, manage castles and use the resources in the best way, here are 6 best medieval PC game titles you don’t should be ignored.

Knights of Honor

“Knights of Honor” is a real-time strategy game in the Middle Ages, players can choose to control 1 of the 100 kingdoms. The game’s world map must be quite large, divided into many areas, each of which is operated by a capital city combining villages, farms and churches. The ultimate goal of this product is to create enough power and influence to rule all, become a European Emperor.

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

In “The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom”, players have the opportunity to choose one of three methods to win: military, scientific and commercial. On the path of military development, players need to build a strong army and punish as many territories as possible, until the enemy is absent. The variety and complexity of the game’s gameplay makes the player feel like a true medieval king.

Crusader Kings 2

A large-scale strategy game with a historical context from 1066 – 1453, “Crusader Kings” allows you to choose what one of the various dynasties coexisted at that time. To win, players need to build a mighty, powerful empire, and be able to do it through a rich gameplay system that includes elements of war, diplomacy, economics or even assassin the leader of the opposing nation.

Mount & Blade: Warband

In addition to the authentic and challenging battle mechanism, “Mount & Blade: Warband” contains other complex gameplay elements in the context of the Middle Ages. For example, the player can choose to become the lord of a land and conquer other lords, conferring alliances through marriage. By conducting the loyal army, you will be able to gradually expand your territory, fight against invaders and become a famous king.

Anno 1404

Set in Europe’s Medieval and Renaissance period, “Anno 1404” has a complex gameplay content that includes city building, economic simulations and real-time tactics. Players can create and manage their territory, through actions such as colonizing the islands, planning to build houses or warfare with both waterways and roads to develop the country become more prosperous.

Medieval II: Total War

Combining turn-based tactical elements and both large-scale real-time tactics, “Medieval II: Total War” is an excellent medieval context game, fully exploiting elements of military warfare, religion and politics according to the times. Its plot takes place in the period 1080 – 1530 and occurs in many territories including Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Players can choose to control a country they love, experience the steps of building the country, managing resources and conquering interesting enemies.