Posted April 22, 2019 by ndm1209 in League Of Legends

Top 5 Jungle Champions are dominating Summoner Rift patch 9.8

Recently, in addition to increasing / decreasing the strength for some specific jungle champions, the jungle meta in League Of Legends is considered to be quite peaceful and there is no big change. However, many people believe that this is just peace before the storm and it is likely that in the future, the forest area will suffer revolutionary changes. This is gradually becoming a reality, especially when the Rift Scuttler – a factor that greatly affects the forest meta is getting new adjustments on PBE server.

5. Leesin

Lee Sin’s current win rate is not too impressive but this has absolutely no effect on the player’s favorite for this champion. In many consecutive versions from the beginning of season 9 to now, Lee Sin is always in the top of the top jungle champions thanks to his almighty moves.

Lee Sin is capable of clearing monsters very fast with skills that are both aoe and one target damage. Not only that, with his mobility, he can also plunder, gank and counter gank extremely well right from the beginning of the game. The final stage of Lee Sin’s game is still relatively good thanks to the ability to create turning point in combat with his ultimate. The only weakness of Lee Sin at the moment is probably mainly at the level of the player.

4. Master Yi

Master Yi in patch 9.8 received an interesting buff related to the ultimate attack of Highlander. Originally, Master Yi was a powerful jungle champion not only at low ranks but even in higher ranks, this buff made him even better in pursuit of enemies.

As a champion capable of farming monsters quite quickly, Master Yi does not have many problems in the process of farming. His ganking ability is also relatively good because he can gank in any lanes quickly with very simple, easy to use and no oriented skills. In particular, during the middle to the end of the game, Master Yi is fully capable of 1v2 even 1vs3 if timing perfectly. Combined with the ability to roll snowballs when there are advantages, Master Yi is currently a terrifying force in the jungle of Summoner’s Rift.

3. Jarvan IV

In the current meta, a champion with an entrance that possesses both damage and bearing damage like Jarvan is an excellent choice. Possessing an extremely early ganking potential with an inherent mobility skill, Jarvan could gain an advantage for himself as well as his teammates early.

In the final combat, Jarvan’s ultimate has a huge impact and can put damage to the enemy’s AD or AP carry in no time if he builds full of Lethality. With stable power in every stage of the match, Jarvan deserves the first choice for a meta that matches can decide after 25 minutes or as long as the 40th minute as now.

2. Rek’Sai

There are champions designed to strengthen over time, but there are strong champions right from the first level, and that is Rek’Sai. After an increase in strength a few patches ago, Rek’Sai constantly proved itself to be the queen of jungle with a high rate of winning and playing rates.

Possessing a good ganking ability right from the beginning of the game with unexpected gank angles and high damage, Rek’Sai can become a danger in the early game. And as long as you can take advantage of that to end the early game, Rek’Sai will be a great choice.

1. Hecarim

Hecarim is actually dominating meta when he not only abides on top lane but also shows absolute authority in jungle. His winning rate when going to the forest is up to 53% while the play rate is extremely high at nearly 11%. It is not surprising that Hecarim is the top of the current top jungle champions.

Only a small buff with Q – Rampage in patch 9.6 has helped Hecarim to have an unexpected improvement. Combined with absolute mobility thanks to the ability to move at lightspeed, Hecarim can create exemplary ganks of great quality. Hecarim’s ultimate has a great impact in combat in narrow areas. With the current scary power, Riot is likely to aim to Hecarim in the future so this is a good time to play this champion.