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Top 6 MOBA games in medieval

For gamers who like to take the time to plan how to build, manage castles and use the resources in the best way, here are 6 best medieval PC game titles you don’t should be ignored. Knights of Honor “Knights of Hono...
League Of Legends

Top 5 Jungle Champions are dominating Summoner Rift patch 9.8

Recently, in addition to increasing / decreasing the strength for some specific jungle champions, the jungle meta in League Of Legends is considered to be quite peaceful and there is no big change. However, many people believe ...

Other Games

Top Games that tried to outrun GTA but failed miserably

GTA is already a monument.Grand Theft Auto is a monument to the success of the game village, not only in its genre, but with all other game genres, it is rare for games to be successful and still maintain their performance, yea...

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